The World Organization of Dental Implantology, hereinafter referred to as “Organization” or "WODI", is a scientific based, international, nondenominational, non-profit organization, established in Germany

Each Member shall be entitled to one vote. Each Delegate is entitled to two votes. Members of the Managing Committee, the President, Vice President and Treasurer are each entitled to two votes.


A Delegate can obtain multiple voting power if entrusted by members in writing not present during the Assembly. The written approval must state the name and signature of the member and that they agree to have their vote given to the particular Delegate for the particular Assembly. Only Delegates can obtain a multiple voting right and the multiple voting document must be submitted to the President and Managing Committee before the Assembly vote takes place.


Voting on budgetary and financial recommendations shall be approved by a two-thirds majority of Members present and voting.


In case a decision cannot be obtained through popular vote, the Managing Committee may make the final decision.