The World Organization of Dental Implantology, hereinafter referred to as “Organization” or "WODI", is a scientific based, international, nondenominational, non-profit organization, established in Germany

The Organization may assign various tasks to willing members, may accept work proposals on a cost free basis, may accept various publications for release for advertisement or other related purposes (providing the provider has the right), and may accept tasks, or suggestions for improvement to the organizations image through volunteer work either through a member or a non member, provided there is no cost to the organization or any of its members.

Some of the tasks would include, but are not limited to:


The creation and maintenance of an internet page and the diffusion of material produced for or by the Organization. All publications displayed on the WODI principal home page must be authorized by the WODI Management Committee.


The publication of a periodic bulletin or manual, with abstracts of essays and reports and other information relating to dental implantology. Scientific events which could be associated within the field of dental implantology may also be included.


Mass mailings and or other publications in written or electronic form which also may include solicitation of membership or collaboration with other organizations. Any letters of solicitation or collaboration must be authorized by the WODI Management Committee.


The creation and maintenance of a membership manual and listing.


The creation and maintenance of virtual displays and exhibitions.


The maintenance of an electronic archive of documents and material relating to dental implantology or to WODI.


The creation and maintenance of other online information services such as Facebook, Twitter, E-mail correspondence, etc.



The primary form of publication of reports and periodic communications produced by the Organization is electronic.