The World Organization of Dental Implantology, hereinafter referred to as “Organization” or "WODI", is a scientific based, international, nondenominational, non-profit organization, established in Germany

Any Member may withdraw from the Organization upon providing a written notice to the Managing Committee.


Any non monetary contributions made through the member, including those previously advertised by or through WODI, will be returned on request to the departing member. Any and all previous work or advertisement provided by the member or upon their approval before their departure may be continued to be used by WODI. Donations or payments made to or on behalf of WODI will not be refunded.



If any Member is found by the Assembly to persist in a policy that is contrary to the fundamental aim of the Organization, the Assembly may, by a resolution adopted by a majority of two-thirds of the Members present and voting, suspend such Member from exercising the rights and enjoying the privileges of membership. The suspension shall remain in force until a change of such policy is recognized by the Assembly.