The World Organization of Dental Implantology, hereinafter referred to as “Organization” or "WODI", is a scientific based, international, nondenominational, non-profit organization, established in Germany

The Assembly is composed of Members and Delegates who represent the Organization and who may consider any question and make recommendations on any matter within the competence of the Organization.


The purpose of the Assembly is to insure that scientific standards are met within the Organization and that its functions adhere to the principles provided by the statute.


Additionally, the purpose of the Assembly is to elect its representatives, the President, Vice-President, treasurer and other necessary staff members which are to be determined through a majority vote during the Assembly session.  


The Managing Committee has the right to elect the Organization´s representatives itself in case of controversy, indecision or conflict.


The term of office for all elected officials of the Organization is for a period of two years. Individuals may be re-elected if the majority vote determines the same.


The Assembly is a safety function to insure the Organization stays its course and remains an open scientific form and platform for all.


The Assembly is presided by a President elected by the Assembly members.


The President summons the Assembly with a notice containing the agenda sent by electronic mail or with other appropriate means with at least 30 days advance notice.



The Assembly shall meet in ordinary session every two years and, as well, in extraordinary session when circumstances require. Extraordinary sessions may be convened at the request of the Managing Committee or through a majority request of Members of the Organization.



The Assembly shall adopt its own Rules of Procedure and may include all members of the Organization if desired.